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A Gardener and Vegetable Growers Miracle

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6 Reasons You'll Love the SowEasyGrow GrowGrid

No More Weeds

No more bending over backwards on your hands and knees... SowEasyGrow = No Weeds!

Less Time & Effort

Wouldn't you rather enjoy all of the spoils of your garden WITHOUT all of the effort it takes you normally?

Improved Crop Success

Imagine seeing your crops come to life, imagine what it'll be like harvesting full, fresh veg that's going to be delicious in salads, soups, whatever you want...

Improved Harvest Rates

Because our of revolutionary GrowGrid, your plants, vegetables and herbs get what they need and avoid what they don't.

Reduced Pests & Diseases

Pests and diseases can ruin your harvests. The GrowGrid is designed to reduce the effects of these, one less thing to worry about...

Promotes Organic

GrowGrid also promotes organic growing for that added benefit of pesticide and chemical free gardening...

The Complete Solution to a:

Weed Free Garden

(Without Using Chemicals)

From now on, you don't have to settle for bad harvests, pests ruining your vegetables and you can forget about spending hours bending over backwards pulling weeds over and over again with little or no crop success for all your hardwork...

Our New Revolutionary GrowGrid Does Everything and Let's You Focus On Enjoying the Spoils Of Your Garden Season After Season...

Hi, my name is Eoin Flaherty and if you're a 'grow your own' enthusiast, have your own vegetable garden or are thinking of starting your own vegetable garden, organic or otherwise, I'm going to share something astounding with you.

I'm going to show you how garden growers just like you are getting amazing harvests in their weed free gardens. And I'm not talking about a few small vegetables harvests here and there...

The Complete Solution to a:

Weed Free Garden

From now on, you don't have to settle for weeds clogging up your garden, pests and diseases ruining your harvest and having to spend countless hours pulling and tending to your garden in the hopes of getting 'just one good harvest'...

Our new GrowGrid does everything and it's so simple to use.... Plus you can say goodbye to the aches, pains and frustrations with endlessly pulling out weeds...

Not too long ago, I along with my hundreds of happy customers were in the exact same position as you are now. You see...

I come from a professional cookery background having worked as a professional chef for many years. It instilled in me a passion for using fresh, in season vegetables and plants that are grown without using chemicals.
In my down time I was and still am a passionate GIY'er and an active member of GIY Ireland. Because of my passion for fresh produce and for growing my own I had my own garden and plot but I was SO frustrated with my harvest rates, pests and diseases and trying to control weeds without using chemicals.
I was also growing tired of having to tend to my garden so much, it was so labour intensive this hobby was. Especially with working long hours in work.

I'm sure you'll agree that our grow your own vegetables way of life is very labour intensive.Did you know that hand pickingweeds, weed control and time involved weeding plants and vegetable beds are the most cited reasons given by potential GIYer's as to why they do not grow themselves. Then one day I had this thought in my head....

"Surely, there's a better, easier, chemical free, less labour intensive way to grow your own vegetables, get amazing harvest rates and crop success season after season?"

Sadly I couldn't find the answer I was looking for to that question and I'll admit I was growing increasingly frustrated with my efforts. I thought I was doing everything right. I mean, I was doing what everyone was telling me to do. Don't get me wrong I was getting some results for my efforts but I sometimes I think to myself, is it really worth all this work?

I seem to be spending more time pulling weeds than I do enjoying my garden. I didn't like the idea of using chemicals to control weeds either. After all, what's the point in going to all the effort of sewing, planting, nurturing, caring for, harvesting and enjoying our own vegetables and herbs if at the end of the day there being ruined and tainted by harmful chemicals and pesticides. Isn't that one of the reasons we grow our own in the first place?

So we won't have to expose our bodies and our kids bodies to harmful, toxic chemicals. Well it was one of my reasons any ways. Obviously because I come from a professional culinary background I've had the quality produce mantra ingrained in me from the very beginning.

I kept doing what I was doing, because, well I had to, there was nothing out there that I knew of that could help me eliminate my three biggest headaches...

The THREE Biggest Headaches Holding Back the Success of My Garden Growing...

Do You Have These Problems?

Perhaps, you've had these problems to? I'll hazard a guess, because you're here today and you visited this page and your reading my story, I'll say you have. There's nothing worse than spending all that time, practically being a slave to your garden. Don't get me wrong, I love gardening but when you work so hard for something and you don't get the results you were hoping for, you can't help but feel dejected right?These were my three biggest headaches by far.

1.My vegetable garden was overflowing with weeds and like I said, I was adamant about not using chemicals.

2. There's nothing worse than having to continuously be bending over pulling and picking up weed. I felt like I was spending more time pulling things I didn't want in my garden than I did enjoying the things I did want.

3. Pests were a big problem and some of my harvests were being destroyed by diseases such as clubfoot and root.

  • Weeds
  • Time and Effort
  • Pests and Diseases...

I Felt Like Giving Up!

Honestly, there was a number of occasions were I seriously considering giving up on my dream of consistently growing my own vegetables season after season and on one occasion I very nearly did...

I had worked so hard tending to, caring for and looking after my crop but in the end it was tainted with pests and diseases so I finally said to myself...

That's It! I Can't Take it Anymore!

I was fed up, sitting in garden shed where I keep my equipment and out of the corner of my eye, ready to do the unthinkable, to do the one thing I said I wouldn't do... start using chemicals on my vegetables.

I had to, I thought, I had no other choice, it was either use chemicals or continue to be frustrated, stressed, run ragged and flat out furious with my garden growing efforts... Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks...

My 'AHA' Moment...

There I was about to give up on my dream on being able to have amazing vegetable harvests when I stared asking myself these 3 questions...

  • What if I could have a weed free garden without chemicals? - Imagine what that would be like, being able to grow all the vegetables I wanted, no matter what the size or variety and do so without harmful chemicals and annoying weeds.
  • What if I could develop something that would enable me to spend less time working in my garden and more time enjoying it? - Imagine what it would be like NOT having to spend hours on my hands and knees tending to my garden, bending over, causing untold damage to my back and my sanity.
  • What if by creating and developing this I could help other 'Grow Your Own' enthusiasts with their gardens too? - Imagine if I could start my own business and start to build some financial independence for myself ALL while helping my fellow garden and vegetable growers in the horticulture community?

So I Went to Work Like A Mad Scientist Developing A Solution

I decided there and then, that's what I would do. Since I couldn't find a solution to my problem, I develop one myself. And in the process I'd help other people end their frustration too...

I began researching everything that was out there,I came across all types of gadgets but nothing stood out. I knew that if this was going to be successful it HAD to eliminate my three biggest frustrations of weeds, time/effort and pests/diseases.

I was banging my head against the wall trying to come up with complex solutions and I was having no joy whatsoever. Then I had my second 'aha' moment...

Why am I complicating things? I need to come up with an easy solution that eliminates weeds, reduces the time and effort and lowers the amount of pests and diseases...

Easier said than done I thought but I kept going. It wasn't until I realised that the answer was staring at me in the face the whole time did I finally discover the solution. All I need is a way to facilitate my vegetables growing while protecting them from everything else. And then it hit me. My ephiphany and when I think about it and when you read it you might think, wait a minute, it can't be that easy well it is.

When I was researching other chemical free methods, I came across the @vegieguy and expert gardener of 20 years Dermot Carey and he used to grow his onions through black plastic. Essentially he would cut holes in the black plastic at pre determined spots and lay the plastic down and the onions would grow weed free through the holes season after season...

When I seen this, I knew I was onto the solution. I researched the different options I could used and discovered that the best material to use in this situation is a water permeable weed control fabric. Now you may or may not of heard of this weed control fabric but here's a quick background on it...

Weed Control/Suppressing Fabric:

It's a long lasting, U.V. stabilized, extremely tough woven geomembrane fabric which allows moisture to pass through up to 6 litres per sq. metre per second. Because it has less than 1% light transmission it resists weed growth. It's widely used in the horticultural trade in glasshouses as a plant through mulching film, for standing out areas. It used for landscaping and as a base for ornamental areas and paths being covered by bark chips, pebbles, gravel etc. It reduces the need for chemical weedkillers and reduces evaporation from soil in long dry spells. It also provides Slight increase in soil temperature - promoting plant growth.

This Was Perfect BUT There Was ONE BIG Problem...

I knew that weed control fabric was the answer I was looking for, the more I looked into it the more it made sense. It was perfect but there was ONE BIG PROBLEM that I couldn't get away from. If my idea for a weed free, chemical free harvest rich garden was going to become a reality I HAD to overcome this problem. What was the big problem with this weed suppressing fabric?

Cutting the Fabric Was A Nightmare!

Sure you could cut it but it was very uneven and it left frayed edges and made for uneven holes. Not to mention I was NOW having to spend time cutting damn holes all day, nearly as much time as I was spending weeding my garden in the first place.

This time though I wasn't going to give up, I knew I was close to the solution so went back into my 'lab' aka my garden shed to brainstorm for a solution. And once again, it hit me like a full bag of delicious, newly harvested baby potatoes (a bag I had not seen come from my garden yet)...

I knew that the weed control fabric was the core solution to my three problems of weeds, time/effort and pests/diseases, now all I have to do was come up with a way to cut it and seal it in a way so I can grow any types of vegetables I want season after season. You see that was one of the overriding problems with mypex. Because when you cut it normally it would become frayed and you'd BARELY get one season out of it. I wanted a way to use it over and over again for at least THREE SEASONS...

Finally I developed the Solution ONCE AND FOR ALL!

So what I did was develop a solution to this big problem of the cumbersome jobs of cutting holes and having to redo this season after season thus negating my second biggest problem - time and effort.

I developed a way for cutting the holes consistently, strategically and specific to the types of vegetables I wanted to plant. On top of that I sealed the holes guaranteeing that it won't unravel and ruin your efforts.And did it work? It worked amazingly well. It worked so well in fact that I was asked to be interviewed on one of my local TV channels which was massive recognition for my hard work and proof that I was onto something. And now today, I have the utmost pleasure to introduce you to the Sow Easy Grow GrowGrid.

The Solution to a Weed Free, Chemical Free Hassle Free Garden...

This really is the solution to your problems if you're sick and tired of wasting time in your garden weeding and tending to your crops, suffering from pests taking over and diseases rotting your veg and even if you used mypex or similar to battle these problems the SowEasyGrow GrowGrid® eliminates the hassle of having to cut your holes. Everything is done for you, I've done all the heavy lifting and you get to enjoy the spoils.

GrowGrid® is a weed control membrane with holes that are heat punched at different intervals to suit various consumer and commercial vegetables crops. It allows gardeners to grow organically without using chemicals. The main benefit of using the GrowGrid® is for suppressing weeds during the growing cycle leaving you more time to tend to your prized plants.

GrowGrid® allows for equal water dispersion so water doesn't pool at the base of the plant and locks in moisture so less watering is required. It's reusable and guaranteed for 3 years.

Introducing The SowEasyGrow GrowGrid®

  • Suppresses weeds leaving time for you to tend to vegetables and plants...
  • No chemicals used so is useful to both mainstream and organic growers...
  • Saves time on labour - you spend less time bending over backwards in your garden and more time enjoying it...
  • Reduces pests and diseases... no more clubroot and rot ruining your vegetables...
  • Improves success with seeds and plants for you and your garden...
  • Improves crop success rates for you and your garden...
  • Improves harvest rates for you and your garden...
  • GrowGrid® No More Weeds does all the heavy lifting by suppressing weeds and freeing up your time to tend to your plants that needs you the most...
  • GrowGrid locks in moisture and during long dry spells will keep your soil damp so going on holidays is no longer a problem plus saving you money on water...
  • There is no competition for light or nutrients as all the growth is going into your prize vegetables giving them the best possible chance...
  • GrowGrid suppresses weeds therefore eliminates the need for chemicals in the garden another saving to both your pocket and the planet...
  • Did you know that most of the pests associated with gardening harbour on the weeds? By using the GrowGrid you reduce the amount of pests in your vegetable garden...
  • Poor air circulation can be a cause for fungal diseases including blight, weeds restrict the airflow between vegetables causing fungal diseases. No weeds equals more air circulation, equals healthier crops...
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It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Soil preparation

1. Lay the GrowGrid sheet out in the area selected for growing. 2. With a stick, mark out area to be dug over. 3. Dig over the soil and remove any weeds. 4. Add a general base vegetable fertiliser or our specialised super seaweed fertiliser and dig it into prepared area. 5. If you are growing from seed add a 20mm layer of compost directly under your GrowGrid sheet.

Step 2: Pinning procedure

Once you have prepared the ground you can now lay down the GrowGrid sheet.Insert the biodegradable stakes provided into the GrowGrid sheet in the four corners and one along the sides to prevent movement.The Green stakes have great anchoring power during high winds and if the stakes are left in the ground they will biodegrade after 18 to 24 months or if removed they can be used again.

Step 3. Planting

Sow seeds and or onion sets into the GrowGrid using a dibber (or pointed stick) for accurate sowing, as per seed packet instructions. Plant crops such as potatoes and leeks with a large bulb planter to ensure crops aresewn deep enough into the GrowGrid, again at depths recommended on seed packets. Potatoes grown in the GrowGrid do not need earthing up as the GrowGrid excludes light. Watering of seeds, bulbs and plants is essential during spells of dry, hot weather.

Bonus: Quick-tip to increase success when using GrowGrid

Keep soil fertile by adding organic matter such as seaweed, compost or well-rotted farm yard manure. Organic matter bulks up the soon and provides essential nutrition in order for your plants and vegetables to grow. It also improves soil structure and in turn improves soil fertility. This can be done during winter months and is forked in during the spring. To increase success when planting from seed, germinate seeds indoors in early spring and plant out when the ground warms up.Your GrowGrid can be used again and again throughout each growing season and can last up to 5 years with proper care.

Choose Your GrowGrid...

When I was developing the GrowGrid, I realised that there's no one size fits all when it comes to growing vegetables. So I decided to make sure I could cater to all types of vegetables and all types of gardens. The GrowGrid comes in 8 size variations. There are FOUR main sizes and each group comes in either large or small.

GrowGrid was developed to prevent weed growth around crops and provides specific spacing requirements for individual crops to grow to full potential, increasing yield and success with seeds and plants. The grow grid aids clean gardening by eliminating pests and preventing spread of disease among vegetables and weed growth around the plants and vegetables is prevented. The grid assists gardening which is less labour intensive by eliminating time spent weeding and increasing time spent tending vegetables and plants. The grid provides an ideal surface for growing plants as the unique ripple weave technology gives excellent water dispersion and is free draining preventing water pooling at the base of the vegetable or plant.

All GrowGrid’s come with Greenstakes to anchor Grid to the ground (6 stakes with 2 metre mat and 8 stakes with 4 metre mat)

Grow Grid A: Small

Grow Grid A: Large

Grow Grid B: Small

Grow Grid B: Large

Grow Grid C: Small

Grow Grid C: Large

Grow Grid D: Small

Grow Grid D: Large

I Couldn't Believe the Results I Was Getting in My Garden When I Started Using the GrowGrid...

When I started using my new GrowGrid, I was unsure of what kind of results I would get. That soon changed when though. While it obviously took a while for my crops to grow, I wasn't spending ANY time weeding because with the GrowGrid, there was NO WEEDS!

There was also reduced pests and diseases and when it came time to harvest my crops there were some of my best ever. That's when I knew I was onto a winner. I wanted to make sure of things before I quit my day job completely so I decided to go to BLOOM, the largest gardening festival in Ireland with a few prototypes of my GrowGrid...

What happened next was incredible, people absolutely loved the GrowGrid. Some were saying they've been struggling with their garden for years and were begging me to sell them multiple GrowGrids.

Praise for Eoin and SowEasyGrow...

I’ll be honest – I think this is a great product but you’ll only see the real benefit when you try it.


I can grow more vegetables this year without the worry of the heavy weeding involved


My mother was giving up gardening this year because of the weeding involved until she heard of SowEasyGrow.

John Flaherty

"That's the only way to grow vegetables" and stated that he planned to "fill the garden this year with vegetables without the worry of keeping on top of the weeding involved"

Mike Cunningham

Loved this. No Weeds. Great Vegetables.Thanks!

Leah Hayes

"This is my third order of GrowGrids as their use on my allotment & home garden has dramatically reduced my hated workload of weeding. I can actually concentrate on growing vegetables & fruit without always having to tackle weeds first. They have taken the drudgery out of food gardening. Delighted with the delivery speed & packaging. It is great to be able to support an Irish company providing a quality product."

Aileen Campion

Obviously at this point you can guess how excited I was but then to my delight and amazement... I Was Asked If Would I Appear on National Television to Feature The GrowGrid...

"Absolutely!" was my response. A TV crew and reporter came out to my home and they did a really nice feature on myself, the GrowGrid and new method for a weed free garden. This was proof to me that the GrowGrid really is something special.

video placeholder

It was a pretty good feeling being able to showcase the GrowGrid on national TV, but the best feeling was knowing that I had developed a product that every gardener can use - no matter what size garden you have. I'm delighted to be able to present the GrowGrid to you today but before you buy, I'm guessing you might have some questions?

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconWhat is the GrowGrid?

    The SowEasyGrow GrowGrid is a new tool for beginners and professionals who grow their own food.
    It’s a weed control membrane with holes  pre punched and sealed to suit various vegetables to grow organic vegetables without having to control weeds.

  • q-iconHow Does it work?

    Its as simple as 1, 2, 3. 1.Prepare the soil and pin the GrowGrid weed matting over the prepared area. 2.Sow seeds or plant plugs. 3.Water and wait, for wholesome Fresh Vegetables.

  • q-iconWhat is the advantage of using the GrowGrid?

    • Improves harvest rates
    • Saves time and labour
    • Reduces pest and diseases
    • Improves your crop success rates
    • Promotes organic methods
    • Guide for crop rotation

  • q-iconHow long does the GrowGrid last for?

    Your GrowGrid can be used again and again throughout each growing season and can last up to 5 years with proper care.

  • q-iconIs the GrowGrid reusable?

    The GrowGrid is a reusable product and can be used more that once in a growing season. Plant over winter putting onions into the GrowGrid, once harvested the GrowGrid can be used for sowings of lettuce and again for sowings of leeks, peas, spinach or oriental leaves.

  • q-iconCan you use the GrowGrid to grow undercover as well as outside?

    The GrowGrid weed matting is ideal for use in polytunnels and glasshouse as its main function is to control and suppress weeds giving seeds and plug plants every chance of success. An advantage of using the GrowGrid undercover is that it locks in moisture and prevents water evaporation. This means less watering required.

  • q-iconCan I grow potatoes with the GrowGrid?

    When sowing potatoes into the GrowGrid ensure that the potato seed is sown deep enough into the GrowGrid using a Dibber or BulbPlanter. Using the GrowGrid avoids the need for earthing up around your potato plants as it excludes light.

  • q-iconCan I use the GrowGrid to grow flowers?

    The GrowGrid can be used to grow Cut Flowers and can also be used on borders or hedging. You can cover the GrowGrid with bark or decorative stones and enjoy maintenance free gardening. Simply Sow, Water and Wait!

  • q-iconCan it be recycled?

    Yes, the GrowGrid is made from the top quality materials and can be recycled after use.

  • q-iconCan I buy multiple GrowGrids?

    Yes of course. In fact we have a special offer on our GrowGrid if you buy more than one.

  • q-iconWhat if I like weeding?

    If you like to spend hours on your hands and knees pulling and hoeing weeds (hurting your back) then the GrowGrid is not the product for you as it eliminates 98% of weeds and saves time spent weeding in the garden.

  • q-iconDo you deliver to my country?

    Yes! We deliver to Ireland, Europe and most International Countries.

  • q-iconDo you offer a guarantee?

    Yes, the GrowGrid comes with a full 3 year guarantee!

  • q-iconHow do I buy the GrowGrid?

    Simply click one of the “Buy Now” buttons, follow the instructions, choose your GrowGrid options and that’s it, we’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s Fast Forward to Your Next Harvest Using the GrowGrid...Imagine You New Garden...

Imagine being able to enjoy the amazing vegetables season after season.

Imagine how much time you'll save when you're not bending over backwards pulling endless weeds.

Think about the money you'll save, when you're able to grow your own vegetables successfully year on year.

Imagine how much healthier you and your kids will be knowing that you're giving them fresh, chemical free vegetables loaded with nutrients and vitamins...

I bet you can nearly taste the crisp, fresh vegetables right now? Picture your new garden, in full bloom, without a weed in sight.

ALL of this is possible when you use the GrowGrid. Don't be surprised that after using the GrowGrid, you become one of our raving fans...


The SowEasyGrow GrowGrid 3 Year Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll absolutely love the GrowGrid that it comes with an absolutely amazing 3 YEAR guarantee. We believe that if you’re that passionate and have that much belief in what you sell you should guarantee it. You have nothing to lose in trying out the GrowGrid in your garden!

Use the GrowGrid, and if you aren’t a believer, simply return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.


Don't Spend Another Season With a Mediocre Harvest Ruined by Weeds

Order The GrowGrid Now!

  • 1. Choose Your GrowGrid
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Just click “Add to Cart” and we’ll speed your GrowGrid right to your door.

You can also pick up the phone and call +353 87 237 5983 and we’ll process your order by phone.

Grow Grid A: Small

Grow Grid A: Large

Grow Grid B: Small

Grow Grid B: Large

Grow Grid C: Small

Grow Grid C: Large

Grow Grid D: Small

Grow Grid D: Large

6 Reasons You'll Love the SowEasyGrow GrowGrid

No More Weeds

No more bending over backwards on your hands and knees... SowEasyGrow = No Weeds!

Less Time & Effort

Wouldn't you rather enjoy all of the spoils of your garden WITHOUT all of the effort it takes you normally?

Improved Crop Success

Imagine seeing your crops come to life, imagine what it'll be like harvesting full, fresh veg that's going to be delicious in salads, soups, whatever you want...

Improved Harvest Rates

Because our of revolutionary GrowGrid, your plants, vegetables and herbs get what they need and avoid what they don't.

Reduced Pests & Diseases

Pests and diseases can ruin your harvests. The GrowGrid is designed to reduce the effects of these, one less thing to worry about...

Promotes Organic

GrowGrid also promotes organic growing for that added benefit of pesticide and chemical free gardening...